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Offer disability insurance for your….denied cases, rejected cases, non standard cases, impaired cases….

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5 easy steps to get appointed.

1. Get Started

Request an Agent Information Kit today from our Support Team. This includes product literature and all contracting forms so you can become appointed and begin selling FSL Individual DI. Submit this form and we’ll get back with you quickly!

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2. Start Your Forms

To get up and rolling you will need to submit several forms.  Our team will review everything, but go ahead and download and start now!

  • Agent Data Sheet {download now}
  • An Individual Producer Agent Agreement
  • A W-9 Tax Form {download now}
  • A copy of your current Resident State License 
  • Some states you should include a check payable to FSL for your States Appointment Fee (in general fees vary between $5 and $40)

3. Meet our Team

Your friendly Broker / Agent Support Team will contact you to discuss contracting and commission schedules for various agency levels – They will email you the appropriate contract. To review a sample agreement {download sample agreement now}  

4. Contract

Complete agency contract and mail it with your appointment fees (if applicable).

In some states you should include a check payable to Fidelity Security Life Insurance Company (FSL) with the Appointment fees required by your state’s Department of Insurance (see state fees below).

Visit your State Insurance Department’s site for current fees, forms and appointment process (see NAIC’s State DOI).

Please state whether the licensed agent and / or the agency should be appointed in the State(s) where you do business. The appointment fees should be submitted for both the individual and the agency if your state requires both to be appointed in order for your agency to be paid commissions.

If you are already appointed for FSL through another GA for another product, please indicate as such and we will confirm your appointment.

5. Welcome!

You are now ready to start selling non-standard Disability Income Insurance!

A Marketing Associate, will contact you for a Welcome Conference call. They will provide you with an Express 10-minute training on our plans and procedures and provide with some tips regarding how to start prospecting for target customers.