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Our focus is to provide excellent support and service to our Brokerage General Agents and their producers.

This section will provide you with the tools to prospect and target individuals who might need non-standard Disability Insurance.

With a large percentage of the population likely to become disabled for more than 90 days at some point in their lives, it becomes important to consider protecting their most valuable asset: their ability to earn an income.

Who is it for?

Disability Insurance for high risk medical conditions and occupations.

  • Simple and fast!
  • Short application!
  • No blood work or medical exams!
  • Don’t waste time – don’t miss a commission
  • Monthly premiums as low as $27
  • Apply with confidence: FSL is A-(Excellent) Rated by A.M. Best.

Make It Easy

We provide agents and brokers with quality, fast customer service and easy access to our underwriting team in order to rapidly handle Impaired risk DI cases. The result: a simple issue process and all the tools to serve your clients more efficiently.

We are committed to providing you:

  • EZ-Plans – Plans that are customizable and respond to your customers needs.
  • EZ-Quotes – Get quotes instantly by phone based on occupation, and monthly income and age.
  • EZ-Acceptance – With NO blood work and NO medical exam requirements.
  • EZ-Access – Access forms and sales tools online. Download brochures, and proposal software.
  • EZ-Commissions – Aggressive commissions for the 1st year and renewals.


Make It Affordable

Our goal is to have eZ-DI help your customers cover their basic expenses in case of disability (mortgage, car and credit card payments) at a reasonable cost.

  • Think you can’t offer affordable Disability income insurance for impaired risks?
  • Think you can’t customize policies for your client’s needs and budgets?
    Think again!

Broad set of choices/options to help tailor policies to specific needs and budgets
Discounts available with longer Elimination Periods
Choose your price tool
Choose your price tool: Since eZ-DI is for high risk cases, many agents find it easier to first ask their customers to look at the premium they can afford and then calculate the corresponding coverage at that premium. 

Get it Accepted

Those most likely to consider Disability Insurance are often those with high risk medical conditions or in high risk occupations. Two risk factors that generate a lot of denials. Now, we understand how frustrating it can be to work on a Disability insurance case only to see it rejected at the end of the day. You want to serve your customer and obviously you want to make money for your effort.

Our team is specialized in complex cases others try to avoid.

Our acceptance rates are high for impaired risks: 80% of applications are accepted…even with pre-existing conditions (if accepted and not waivered).
No blood work or medical exams are required – up to $13,000
We work hard so that you can go back and tell your customer: “You’re accepted!”

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