Underwriting Tools & Resources

Our underwriting team reviews each application with care. In some cases, during the underwriting process we may ask for additional information. The websites below are helpful tools, particularly to locate physicians and review medications.

  • AMA’s OnLine Doctor Finder – access this site to obtain current doctor’s addresses
  • MedicineNet.com – one of the best sources of medical information on the Internet.
  • RxList.com – The Internet Drug Index
  • ICD-10-CM Codes Search and Simple Search – for underwriters who need to look up APS references, e-MD’s site is a complete reference guide of the entire list of official International Classification of Diseases, disease descriptions and their codes, plus over 50,000 alternate descriptions. Simple search interface for ICD-10 codes.
  • DSM-IV Diagnosis Codes – Available by Classification.
  • DSM-IV-TR – Numerical listing of codes and diagnosis
  • ECG Library – sample graphic displays of normal ranges for medical conditions.