Underwriting 101


We know quality service counts.  That is why we have established a system where we can provide you with a preliminary assessment of your impaired risk cases before submission of a formal application.

Get Client Authorization

Regardless of the option selected, the preliminary assessment is subject to change depending on the results of the final underwriting process (MIBs, etc.). You should obtain a signed Fidelity Security Life Insurance Company’s Authorization from your client before submitting other carriers’ information to us.

Click here for the “FSL Client Authorization Form“.

The Simple, Easy, and Quick Quote

To receive a Quick Quote, a one-page synopsis of a client’s medical or impairment history along with the client’s name, age, annual income, resident state and amount of coverage requested should be faxed or emailed to Underwriting. You can download our DI Inquiry Form to use as a guide, print and fax it to 954-642-2521. Upon receipt, we will turn the case around within 24-48 hours and will provide you with a tentative decision on the specific product quoted.

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Preliminary Inquiry

A preliminary inquiry generally provides more information upon which Underwriting can make an informed decision. In addition to the basic information required for the Quick Quote, medical records of the client or an APS report is needed. You will have to complete our DI Inquiry Form and fax it along with the APS reports for review. We will provide you with a tentative decision on the specific product to be quoted or proposed to the client within five (5) working days.  

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