Top 10 Sales Tips



Targets people who have been rejected by standard DI insurance companies or who are not satisfied with their current coverage limitations.

For every rated life insurance application or every difficult-to-insure DI application you face, you now have exciting options to present to your customers.

Tip 1

What about Social Security?

Social Security may have a five month waiting period and decisions may take longer. Furthermore, the awards can be small as compared to your current income. How will your family survive while you wait for Social Security? We can bridge the time and income gaps with eZ-DI. Let’s start filling out an application now.

Tip 2

Why waste time, I just got denied?

The underwriters quoting eZ-DI specialize in cases like yours and will give a preliminary decision based on the other company’s application. Let’s submit it to them.

Tip 3

Is it going to cost more than regular Disability Insurance?

We can tailor a plan to fit your budget, so let’s start working on a quote now. What is the minimum amount of disability income you will need to meet basic expenses, such as mortgage, car and credit card payments?

Tip 4

What other options do I have to reduce premium costs?

In addition to reducing the monthly benefit amount, there are a few other ways we can reduce the premium cost. We can reduce the benefit period or increase the elimination period. Let’s work on a quote now to determine the best combination that is affordable for you.

Tip 5

Who are Risk and FSL? I have not heard about them.

Risk Solutions is a specialized DI underwriter that has been in business since 1988. Fidelity Security Life Insurance Company (FSL) is an insurance company in Kansas City, MO. Fidelity Security Life Insurance Company has been rated A- (Excellent), based on an analysis of financial position and operating performance, by A.M. Best Company, an independent analyst of the insurance industry.

Tip 6

This sounds complicated!

eZ-DI is called that because it is disability income made easy. There are no medical exams or blood work (for amounts up to $13K). eZ-DI will obtain any other medical records that are needed. Proof of income is easy to get by submitting a pay stub or your tax returns. Let’s start by filling out the application.

Tip 7

Already have Disability Insurance at work, my company pays for it.

In general, the benefits received from employer paid disability income are taxable. If you change jobs, you may no longer have coverage.

Tip 8

If I become disabled, I don’t want to change careers and go back to work too soon.

eZ-DI can insure you for disabilities that prevent you from performing the duties of your own occupation, even if there are other jobs you could perform. I will include that option in the plan we apply for.

Tip 9

I don’t need Disability insurance. I am in good health.

People become disabled in many ways: workplace injury, accident, or a debilitating medical condition. Statistically, between the ages of 35 and 65 seven out of ten people will become disabled for three months or longer (Senate Finance Committee, 1998). Let’s apply today, while you qualify for coverage.

Tip 10

I am self employed, the owner of a home based business.

Many of eZ-DI customers are self-employed. The team specializes in underwriting complex cases that include home based businesses, as well as unusual or high risk occupations. We just need to complete that section of the application. Let’s get started.